Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a terminology used for travelers who go to some other country for advanced or unique medical care. As foreign visitors to a country are known as tourists and because the main aim of such tourists is to obtain certain kind of medical treatment, there visit is given the name of “Medical Tourism”.

Why Choose India for Medical Tourism

India, off late has become a major destination of medical tourism. The reason for this is availability of highly skilled medical experts and surgeons and development of world class medical infrastructure and medical technologies. In the last few decades, Indian doctors have acquired a huge reputation around the world for having unmatchable expertise in diagnosis, treatment and surgeries. Because of high visibility of Indian doctors in top medical institutions around the globe and due to their impeccable reputation, today India is attracting a huge influx of medical tourists who are seeking low-cost and high quality treatment in fields like Cosmetic surgery, Hair transplant, Aesthetic surgery and neuro and cardio procedures.

Highly Skilled and Qualified Doctors/Surgeons

India has many world class medical institutes which are producing highly skilled doctors and surgeons who are topnotch in their medical expertise.

Modern Medical Facilities

Modern Indian hospitals and medical facilities are like five star hotels in appearance and have every conceivable medical equipment and technology available at hands. We in India can now boast of having some of the most sophisticated Medical technologies that even some advanced nations do not possess.

Instant Treatment

Medical institutions in advanced countries are overloaded with patients and new ones have to wait for their turn. However in India, as there is not such a high rush of domestic patients for five star hospitals, there is always availability of instant treatment.

Low-Cost Treatment

Even though as Indians we might consider five star hospitals to be exorbitantly costly but compared to what specialized medical costs in advanced countries, Indian medical institutions charge only peanuts in comparison.

Why Choose Enhance Clinic Dubai

Enhance clinic are spread all across India and now they are also available in Dubai. International patients get the same high quality of treatment by specialized Indian cosmetic experts as they get in India. Enhance clinics are known for providing world-class treatment and facilities to their medical tourists. This includes every aspect of their travel, arrival, stay, treatment and post-operative/treatment care along with facilities for accompanied guests with the patient. At Enhance Clinic, we have a constant flow of medical tourists from locations like USA, UK, Europe, South Africa, Russia, Australia etc.

Enhance clinic offers unmatchable expertise in Cosmetic surgery, Aesthetical surgery, Dermatology treatments and hair transplant. We have on-board some of the best names in the cosmetic surgery arena with our founder and chairman Dr Manoj Khanna whose qualification include MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Plastic Surgery), DNB (Plastic Surgery), FICS (USA) & Fellowship (Cosmetic Surgery), (USA) etc. Dr Khanna is renowned as a world famous hair-transplant and cosmetic surgery expert.

At Enhance clinics we provide highly customized service to each patient with a dedicated personal international service coordinator. This executive is 24×7 available to patients and their accompanied guests to coordinate and cater to all their requests and making the treatment and stay absolutely comfortable and relaxed. We really aim at enhancing your treatment experience to ultimate levels and literarily make you feel like you are a tourist who is visiting another country for relaxations and fun!