Women’s Hair Loss

Women also suffer hair loss and hair thinning after a certain age and because of various other factors like pregnancy, childbirth, menopause etc. That is why this has profound effect on women compared to men. Women’s hair is part of her beauty and hair loss in women has known to cause serious emotional problems.

Hair transplant for women is more complicated and challenging compared men because women tend to have a diffuse pattern of hair thinning. What this means is during the hair transplant the doctor would require to place the hair grafts within hair-bearing areas. But for men the hairs are placed in bald areas. Also there is a possibility of some women experiencing shock loss of their adjacent hair when the grafts are placed which can lead to further thinning. Also there is the issue of not finding enough healthy grafts because of the diffuse pattern of hair loss making it more complicated. However the doctors at Enhance Clinics have the experience of performing hair transplant on women and have a high success rate.

Methods of hair loss prevention

Minoxidil Lotions

Minoxidil is a lotion that is applied on the scalp and it is the only medicine approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When Minoxdil prescribed and applied it works by opening up the potassium channels and allowing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to follicle causing rich and accelerated hair growth.


This method involves injecting pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications, extracts from plants, vitamins into adipose fat cells which are one layer beneath the skin known as mesoderm. By doing this the blood flow to our skull increases which is necessary for hair growth

Hair Transplant

Only FUE Hair Transplant technique is used for women and again the process is the same as men. Healthy individual follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp scalp and then surgically implanted at areas experiences where hair loss has occurred.

PRP Therapy

It involves extracting Platelet Rich Plasma PRP from patient which contains growth Factors that stimulate hair follicles to generate new hair growth. This a simple but highly effective hair regeneration treatment and it is non evasive


Female pattern baldness is not same as Male pattern baldness as it does not have separate zones of healthy and balding hair. Their hairline remains more or less intact and the thinning of hair and patchy baldness is corrected by oral medicines, lotions and transplants. These methods increase the volume of hair in zones which are experiencing hair loss.