Common Causes of Hair Loss

There are many reasons which may cause hair loss or baldness. The number one reason is stress and poor life style choice which has led to young man and women lose hair at a rapid pace. To add to the problem pollution and disrupted sleep patterns further exacerbates premature hair loss which makes people lot older. But there are other factors which also play a role when it comes to hair loss and at Enhance Clinics we like to educate people and provide them with solutions.

Four Major reasons for hair loss:


It is only natural to lose some of the vitality as we grow old and hair loss is one the natural factors. For men the thinning of hair usually starts in their forties and the same for women in some cases. This is called Male and Female Pattern Baldness. Men start to experience receding hairline which means hair loss is visible on the front and top (cranial vertex) part of the scalp. In women it mostly a case of experience thinning of hair as they get older.

Hormonal Reasons

Sudden hormonal changes due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, stress, thyroid problems can also cause hair loss. But hair loss due to hormonal changes is generally related with women and in many cases the hair grows back to its normal density and thickness.

Medical Conditions

At times some men and women are afflicted with various medical conditions like

Alopecia Areata

which is basically is a autoimmune disease where a person’s hair fall out the person’s immune system attacks their own body. Other medical conditions are scalp fungal infections, ringworms and conditions like lichen planus and sarcoidosis also trigger hair loss.


Sometimes people are allergic to some medicines and drugs which are prescribed by doctors for various diseases and ailments like cancer, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure and birth control pill can cause hair loss.