Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation

It is a cosmetic surgery performed to enhance the size, shape and contours of female breasts.Breast augmentation is achieved by placing implants under or over the breast muscles. Incision can be made under the arm pit, in the areola (darker skin around nipple) or in the lower breast folds. Implants are made of silicone shell filled with saline or silicone gel

Breast Lifts

A breast lift cosmetic procedure corrects sagging breasts condition by making an incision vertically down from areola to breast crease and a horizontal incision in the breast crease. The underlying tissues are lifted and re-contoured to give an erect and firmer shape. The nipple is repositioned to a youthful height and excess breast skin is removed to counter loss of elasticity.

Breast Reconstruction

It may be required after Mastectomy or injury. Donor muscle, fat and skin are obtained from patient’s body parts like abdomen or buttock and transported to the chest area where a breast mound is created. Implants may be used to augment the size and give a natural shape.